MidAmerica offering an 8-week Industrial Operation Technician course for recent graduates

MAIP will be offering an online course to become an Industrial Operational Technician (IOT) this summer. The training dates are June 8th - July 31st Monday-Friday. Students will spend approximately 6-8hrs a week in training.

Information for upcoming graduates can be found below:

If you are interested in seeing products come together from the basic idea to the finished package, working in manufacturing might be exactly what you are looking for. MidAmerica Industrial Park (MAIP) will offer an 8 week, exclusively online course for High School Graduating Students interested in attaining an Industrial Operational Technician (IOT) certification from Tooling U-SME. The IOT program is a recognized certificate that can be used for employment across all manufacturing sectors at MAIP.

IOT Tooling U-SME instruction consists of four individual modules certificate assessments:


Quality Practices & Measurement

Manufacturing Processes & Production

Maintenance Awareness

Throughout this training, students will take a micro assessment after completing that unit. After passing each unit assessment, a Certificate of Recognition will be provided at the end of each module. When all four modules are successfully completed, the MAIP IOT certification entry-level to the student.

This certificate is designed to prepare an individual with no prior experience in manufacturing for an entry level position. Students having prior manufacturing experience will be able to upgrade their skills and knowledge to qualify for advancement. The IOT Program will prepare you to be a productive team member in a manufacturing environment and will speed up your success with a career in a high-growth manufacturing industry. Technology is moving the advanced manufacturing industry quickly, so it is up to Industrial Operational Technician to stay on schedule and ahead of trouble.


Opportunities for job shadowing and internships are available during the 8-week course.


MidAmerica will need a minimum of 12 students and a maximum of 25 for the class. Please contact Nate Jarboe at 918-825-3500 for more information.