Automotive Service Pro-Tech


Automotive service technicians work on many types of vehicles and are trained in the repair of both domestic and foreign cars.

Education Required

  • Associates Degree


Median Annual Salary: $38,000.00
Starting Annual Salary: $15,000.00
Senior Annual Salary: $47,000.00

common Majors or Possible Apprenticeships

Associate in Applied Science

What Work You'll Do

  • Speak with customers to understand what potential repairs may be needed.
  • Order parts needed to make automotive repairs.
  • Maintain and organize stock automotive parts.
  • Provide good customer service

Things You Need to Know

  • Automotive service technicians should know how to carefully listen to customers in order to correctly diagnose what repairs are needed.
  • Follow repair guide instructions accurately in order to efficiently make car repairs
  • Have broad experience with various types of vehicle makes and models.

Abilities You'll Need to Have

Major Skills:
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Physical Strength
  • Technical Skills
Additional Skills:
  • Lift/move various parts, diagnostic equipment, etc. in order to make vehicle repairs.
  • Critical Thinking - Using logic and reasoning to identify repair solutions in an efficient manner.
  • Active Listening - Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand.
  • Attention to Detail – Having a good eye for detail helps automotive service technicians make repairs accurately and efficiently.
  • Dexterity is required since a free range of motion is necessary in order to make car repairs.